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About Jelica

My name is Jessica Buddendijk, director of Jelica Ltd.

I have been in the aged care sector since 1984. During my involvement with the sector, as manager of aged care facilities and my seven years as a lead auditor visiting aged care facilities throughout New Zealand I have established many links with different groups and individual providers.

After 7 years auditing I became a sector educator, advisor, consultant and representing and supporting the sector on a number of ongoing committees and work groups i.e HNZ education working group and Committee member on the NZS 8134.7:2010 Health and Disability Services Pharmacy Services Standard, Aged Residential Care Review (steering committee), HealthCert provider forums etc. I was also part of establishing an Aged Care Association (CANZ) now representing the sector as an executive on this committee.

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I am also involved with Cancer Society and ask support at every opportunity I get. Thanks in advance.

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